Yasse Griot - Griot Song 3

Yasse Griot
Song Name: Griot Song 3
By: Yasse Griot
Country: Togo
Song Local Name: Not available
Album: Not available
Link to buy: Not available
Genre: folk music of Togo , traditional music of Togo , Togolese folk music , Tchimou , griot , music of Kabye people
Date Added: 16 Jul 2017
Adrian Carstens

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Kabiye, also known as Kabye, Kabre, Cabrai', is the name for a language and the peoples who speak it in the north central mountains and northern plains of Togo, West Africa. The Kabye are primarily known for farming and cultivation of harsh, dry, infertile lands of Togo. They grow cotton, millet and yams.

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