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Mélusine - La Brouette À Satan

Song Name: La Brouette À Satan
By: Mélusine
Country: France
Song Local Name: Not available
Album: Voix Contrevoix
Link to buy: Discogs
Genre: folk music of France , traditional music of France , French folk music
Date Added: 07 Aug 2017
Heidi Ahmadian

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Melusine is a French folk group, founded in summer 1973 by Jean-François Dutertre (singing, spruce Vosges ...), Jean-Loup Baly (vocals, diatonic accordion ...), Dominique Regef ( hurdy gurdy , cello ...) and Emmanuelle Parrenin.

song: La Brouette À Satan
Artist: Mélusine
Album: Voix Contrevoix

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