Janie Meneely, Rob van Sante - Whitby Ale

Janie Meneely, Rob van Sante
Song Name: Whitby Ale
By: Janie Meneely, Rob van Sante ( Janie Meneely, Rob van Sante )
Country: England
Song Local Name: Whitby Ale
Album: Partners II
Link to buy: Rob Van Sante
Genre: British folk music , Folk music of England , Folk , Roots
Date Added: 22 Mar 2020
Rob van Sante

Whitby Ale (Lyrics - Janie Meneely / Music - Rob van Sante). PRS/MCPS ©2019
Whitby Ale is one of Rob’s favourite brews so it seemed natural to write a song about this wonderful ale brewed on top of a cliff next to an abbey in one of England's most beautiful towns.
Janie Meneely: Vocals
Rob van Sante: Vocals, Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bouzouki, Double Bass, Drums, Percussion, Synthesizers.
Chris Parkinson: Accordion
Paul Archer: Fiddles
Linda Hardcastle, Alan Rose, John Conolly, Judy Cook, Alistair Russell, Dennis Cook: backing Vocals

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