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In your country, city or your village, there are some musicians who play folk music of their area. Maybe they are famous or maybe they are not! Let's introduce them to the world. We are not looking for folk-pop, folk-jazz or folk-rock. We are looking for pure folk and classical traditional of each region. You can send their songs here and give us information about their music and their works. It can be an old farmer or a dedicated musician. Currently its hard to find information about folk / traditional music of all countries in one place. We want to achieve this goal with your help.

This project is focused on original folk and traditional music of the different countries, nations and ethnic groups of the world. Definition of “folk” and “traditional” music in different cultures changes, and generally it's hard to give a universal definition.

Although folk music usually refers to orally transmitted music or music with unknown composers, but it can include the traditional classical music of countries as well which theoretically differs from folk music, like Indian traditional classical music vs. Indian folk music. But it doesn't include Western (European) Classical music.

These music are accepted here: indigenous music, aboriginal music, ethnic music, regional music, rural music, root music, traditional ritual music, arranged folk music, recreated folk music,...

These music are not accepted in this project: folk-pop, folk-rock, folk-jazz (any kind of folk fusion that employs some folk elements like an instrument, a melody or a rhythm in another genre or style), world music (folk music arranged for Western ears with commercial interests, usually published by Western labels; although some “world music” are original and accepted), fusion of different original folks (like Arabic oud with Indian sitar or Spanish flamenco with West African rhythms), modernized and contemporized versions of folk tunes with new sounds, especially electronic sounds.

Latest Songs

Listen to Aguinaldos Truyas
Song Name: Aguinaldos Truyas
Artist Name: Ramito
Country: Puerto Rico

Listen to Cascada
Song Name: Cascada
Artist Name: Hugo Pamcos
Country: Paraguay
Hugo Pamcos

Listen to The Eight-Hand Jig
Song Name: The Eight-Hand Jig
Artist Name: Matt Cunningham
Country: Ireland
Matt Cunningham

Listen to Allsherjangodinn Kvaddur
Song Name: Allsherjangodinn Kvaddur
Artist Name: Unknown Artist
Country: Iceland
Unknown Artist

Listen to Sentencia
Song Name: Sentencia
Artist Name: El Mariachi Aguila
Country: Mexico
El Mariachi Aguila

Listen to How Pleasant It Is To Sing By The Dew In The Evening
Song Name: How Pleasant It Is To Sing By The Dew In The Evening
Artist Name: Estonians
Country: Estonia

Listen to Polka
Song Name: Polka
Artist Name: Village People Folk Band
Country: Ukraine
Village People Folk Band

Listen to Celé Noci Tě Volám
Song Name: Celé Noci Tě Volám
Artist Name: Raduza
Country: Czech Republic

Listen to La Brouette À Satan
Song Name: La Brouette À Satan
Artist Name: Mélusine
Country: France

Listen to Lettonie Talka
Song Name: Lettonie Talka
Artist Name: Margarita Sakina, Ludmila Kokina
Country: Latvia
Margarita Sakina, Ludmila Kokina

Listen to Zabid
Song Name: Zabid
Artist Name: Mohamed Al-Kouek
Country: Yemen
Mohamed Al-Kouek

Listen to Shier Zhulei
Song Name: Shier Zhulei
Artist Name: Mei Yu
Country: Singapore
Mei Yu

Listen to Chek Siti I
Song Name: Chek Siti I
Artist Name: Dolmat & Saianah
Country: Malaysia
Dolmat & Saianah

Listen to Tang Bayawan
Song Name: Tang Bayawan
Artist Name: Xinjiang
Country: Uyghur people

Listen to Suro Onipa
Song Name: Suro Onipa
Artist Name: E.K.’S Band
Country: Ghana
E.K.’S Band

Listen to Vallja E Dashur
Song Name: Vallja E Dashur
Artist Name: Qazim Berisha
Country: Kosovo
Qazim Berisha

Listen to Sheep On The Hill Slope
Song Name: Sheep On The Hill Slope
Artist Name: Yan Shouping
Country: China
Yan Shouping

Listen to Fire Dance
Song Name: Fire Dance
Artist Name: The Japanese Music Tradition Ensemble
Country: Japan
The Japanese Music Tradition Ensemble

Listen to Sky Mountains
Song Name: Sky Mountains
Artist Name: Nurlanbek Nyshanov And Ensemble
Country: Kyrgyzstan
Nurlanbek Nyshanov And Ensemble

Listen to Sanjo
Song Name: Sanjo
Artist Name: Chung Woong Korean Traditional Music Ensemble
Country: Korea
Chung Woong Korean Traditional Music Ensemble

Listen to Tshuptschik
Song Name: Tshuptschik
Artist Name: Janis Are
Country: Russia
Janis Are

Listen to Skoci krak
Song Name: Skoci krak
Artist Name: Michael Stiber Orchestra
Country: Slovakia
Michael Stiber Orchestra

Listen to Dance (Halling) I
Song Name: Dance (Halling) I
Artist Name: Norwegians
Country: Norway

Listen to Piipunrassuupolkka
Song Name: Piipunrassuupolkka
Artist Name: Kataja
Country: Finland

Listen to Flisak (Krakowiak dance)
Song Name: Flisak (Krakowiak dance)
Artist Name: Makowska Orkiestra Dzialowego
Country: Poland
Makowska Orkiestra Dzialowego

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