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In your country, city or your village, there are some musicians who play folk music of their area. Maybe they are famous or maybe they are not! Let's introduce them to the world. We are not looking for folk-pop, folk-jazz or folk-rock. We are looking for pure folk and classical traditional of each region. You can send their songs here and give us information about their music and their works. It can be an old farmer or a dedicated musician. Currently its hard to find information about folk / traditional music of all countries in one place. We want to achieve this goal with your help.

This project is focused on original folk and traditional music of the different countries, nations and ethnic groups of the world. Definition of “folk” and “traditional” music in different cultures changes, and generally it's hard to give a universal definition.

Although folk music usually refers to orally transmitted music or music with unknown composers, but it can include the traditional classical music of countries as well which theoretically differs from folk music, like Indian traditional classical music vs. Indian folk music. But it doesn't include Western (European) Classical music.

These music are accepted here: indigenous music, aboriginal music, ethnic music, regional music, rural music, root music, traditional ritual music, arranged folk music, recreated folk music,...

These music are not accepted in this project: folk-pop, folk-rock, folk-jazz (any kind of folk fusion that employs some folk elements like an instrument, a melody or a rhythm in another genre or style), world music (folk music arranged for Western ears with commercial interests, usually published by Western labels; although some “world music” are original and accepted), fusion of different original folks (like Arabic oud with Indian sitar or Spanish flamenco with West African rhythms), modernized and contemporized versions of folk tunes with new sounds, especially electronic sounds.

Latest Songs

Listen to De schmatt
Song Name: De schmatt
Artist Name: Dullemajik
Country: Luxembourg

Listen to Fandango
Song Name: Fandango
Artist Name: Vanesa Muela
Country: Spain
Vanesa Muela

Listen to La guacamaya
Song Name: La guacamaya
Artist Name: La negra Graciana
Country: Mexico
La negra Graciana

Listen to Adam uti paradis
Song Name: Adam uti paradis
Artist Name: Ragnhild Furholt
Country: Norway
Ragnhild Furholt

Listen to Yax Kin
Song Name: Yax Kin
Artist Name: Fonoteca del INAH
Country: Mexico
Fonoteca del INAH

Listen to Friederika! Friederika!
Song Name: Friederika! Friederika!
Artist Name: Franz Surrer, Christine Nieder
Country: Germany
Franz Surrer, Christine Nieder

Listen to Take This Hammer
Song Name: Take This Hammer
Artist Name: Big Bill Broonzy
Country: United States of America
Big Bill Broonzy

Listen to Julie
Song Name: Julie
Artist Name: Rhiannon Giddens
Country: United States of America
Rhiannon Giddens

Listen to Geldim Şu Âlemi
Song Name: Geldim Şu Âlemi
Artist Name: Feyzullah Çınar
Country: Turkey
Feyzullah Çınar

Listen to Ya Rayah
Song Name: Ya Rayah
Artist Name: Dahmane El-Harrachi
Country: Algeria
Dahmane El-Harrachi

Listen to Kordi or Kurdi
Song Name: Kordi or Kurdi
Artist Name: Shir-Mohammad Espandar
Country: Iran
Shir-Mohammad Espandar

Listen to Alabama Bound
Song Name: Alabama Bound
Artist Name: Uncle Rich Brown
Country: United States of America
Uncle Rich Brown

Listen to Tibqa Xebba Ma Jaqbillekx
Song Name: Tibqa Xebba Ma Jaqbillekx
Artist Name: Mikiel Abela l-Bambinu
Country: Malta
Mikiel Abela l-Bambinu

Listen to Take This Hammer
Song Name: Take This Hammer
Artist Name: Lead Belly
Country: United States of America
Lead Belly

Listen to Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
Song Name: Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
Artist Name: Lead Belly
Country: United States of America
Lead Belly

Listen to In My Time of Dyin
Song Name: In My Time of Dyin'
Artist Name: Bob Dylan
Country: United States of America
Bob Dylan

Listen to God
Song Name: God's Gonna Cut You Down
Artist Name: Odetta
Country: United States of America

Listen to Trouble So Hard
Song Name: Trouble So Hard
Artist Name: Vera Hall
Country: United States of America
Vera Hall

Listen to Man of Constant Sorrow
Song Name: Man of Constant Sorrow
Artist Name: Roscoe Holcomb
Country: United States of America
Roscoe Holcomb

Listen to When the Levee Breaks
Song Name: When the Levee Breaks
Artist Name: Kansas Joe McCoy & Memphis Minnie
Country: United States of America
Kansas Joe McCoy & Memphis Minnie

Listen to Omie Wise
Song Name: Omie Wise
Artist Name: Doc Watson
Country: United States of America
Doc Watson

Listen to Chodská Kolečka
Song Name: Chodská Kolečka
Artist Name: Jaromír Horák & Dudácká kapela
Country: Czech Republic
Jaromír Horák & Dudácká kapela

Listen to Zblnkoce Vodicka (The Brook Babbles)
Song Name: Zblnkoce Vodicka (The Brook Babbles)
Artist Name: Libica Jozef
Country: Slovakia
Libica Jozef

Listen to  La Maza
Song Name: La Maza
Artist Name: Mercedes Sosa
Country: Argentina
Mercedes Sosa

Listen to The Lord Is My Shepherd
Song Name: The Lord Is My Shepherd
Artist Name: Joseph Spence
Country: Bahamas
Joseph Spence

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