Folk / traditional music in North America

Folk music in North America divided in northern area and southern part. United State of America and Canada are closer in the sense of folk music and southern countries in Caribbean Sea as mostly Spanish speaking countries are closer in the sense of folk music.

United State of America is the place to birth of Blues and Jazz which are two influential music genres in the world today. Both has African roots and during the history affect other one in different ways. It is said that that blues was born in Mississippi Delta and Jazz was born in New Orleans.

In the South of North America, folk music of Caribbean countries and Mexico are close to music of their brothers in South America. Music genres like Salsa or Bolero are also common in South American countries like Colombia, Ecuador and etc. Folk music genre like Calypso from Trinidad and Tobago is also very common in Caribbean countries. Most of these musics have Afro roots.

One of the most characteristic folk music in North America is Cuban folk music. Folk music in Cuba has lots of diversity in rhythms section and of course with Afro roots. This folk music has enough beauty to influence many other folk music genres even in Africa.

By checking the list below for each country in North America, you will know more about each folk music genre or instrument in North American. You can also listen to some traditional songs for different regions of North America.  

List of countries from North America with number of folk songs inside

Bahamas - 7 Song(s)
Canada - 14 Song(s)
Costa Rica - 7 Song(s)
Cuba - 14 Song(s)
El Salvador - 0 Song(s)
Guatemala - 13 Song(s)
Haiti - 15 Song(s)
Honduras - 12 Song(s)
Jamaica - 10 Song(s)
Mexico - 27 Song(s)
Nicaragua - 7 Song(s)
Panama - 16 Song(s)
Puerto Rico - 10 Song(s)

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