Folk / traditional music in Europe

European folk music has some of the most important and pioneer type of folk music in the world, these genres are famous and listened all around the world, so maybe they are not counted as folk music for many people anymore. But the truth is they are still part of traditional music in their origin country.

Folk music genres like Flamenco from Spain, Gypsy music of east Europe, Different genres of Balkan music, Irish and Scottish music are traditional music genres which today are bigger than their own origin country. They are used in many type of fusion music today and also they lead to many different type of new musical genres.

Traditional music in Europe has also been under the influence of its neighbors during the history. Spanish music was under influence of Arabic world and North African music. Music of Greece, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia and other Balkan countries in Europe, received lots of elements from Middle Eastern music through Turkey. Many years of trades, movements of Gypsies and Muslims activity, some similarity appeared between the music of these areas and Asia. Some similar instruments to Dotar and ba─člama are used in Balkan countries. The tradition of Dervishes has some similarity with Ashiks in Asia. 

Folk music and dances in Central Europe (also East Europe and many other part of Europe) went into classical music and today is known in all around world. The tradition of Yodeling is one of the interesting singing techniques in Central Europe.

The folk music in Northern part of Europe is also characteristic with its own variety. One of few remaining ethnic groups in Europe are Sami people who live in Scandinavian countries and their traditional music can be named.

By checking list below for each European country, you can know more about each folk music genre or instrument in each European country. You can also listen to some traditional songs for different regions of Europe. 

List of countries from Europe with number of folk songs inside

Albania - 16 Song(s)
Austria - 12 Song(s)
Belarus - 5 Song(s)
Belgium - 12 Song(s)
Bosnia and Herzegovina - 12 Song(s)
Bulgaria - 23 Song(s)
Croatia - 13 Song(s)
Cyprus - 10 Song(s)
Czech Republic - 13 Song(s)
Denmark - 11 Song(s)
England - 4 Song(s)
Estonia - 10 Song(s)
Faeroe Islands - 1 Song(s)
Finland - 16 Song(s)
France - 16 Song(s)
Germany - 16 Song(s)
Greece - 18 Song(s)
Greenland - 3 Song(s)
Hungary - 19 Song(s)
Iceland - 8 Song(s)
Ireland - 20 Song(s)
Italy - 20 Song(s)
Kosovo - 12 Song(s)
Latvia - 11 Song(s)
Liechtenstein - 0 Song(s)
Lithuania - 10 Song(s)
Luxembourg - 1 Song(s)
Macedonia - 14 Song(s)
Malta - 7 Song(s)
Montenegro - 12 Song(s)
Netherlands - 1 Song(s)
Norway - 16 Song(s)
Poland - 21 Song(s)
Portugal - 15 Song(s)
Romania - 15 Song(s)
Scotland - 3 Song(s)
Serbia - 18 Song(s)
Slovakia - 12 Song(s)
Slovenia - 11 Song(s)
Spain - 22 Song(s)
Sweden - 14 Song(s)
Switzerland - 8 Song(s)
Ukraine - 16 Song(s)
Wales - 3 Song(s)

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