Blanche Rowen, Mike Gulston - The Shepherd of the Summer Pastures

Blanche Rowen, Mike Gulston
Song Name: The Shepherd of the Summer Pastures
By: Blanche Rowen, Mike Gulston ( Blanche Rowen, Mike Gulston )
Country: Wales
Song Local Name: Bugail yr Hafod
Album: Sorta Kinda
Genre: Folk , Celtic , folk music of Wales , Welsh folk music
Date Added: 24 Mar 2020
Blanche Rowen

Happy memories give you strength for when life gets tough, says the Shepherd of the Hafod ('hafod' means summer-house, a shepherd's home when the sheep are in the upland summer pastures). He remembers his family and his old home, where he can travel at any time in his thoughts. "My heart is there, enjoying the meadows and the long summer days"

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