Chikuzan Takahashi - Tsugaru Jonkara Bushi

Chikuzan Takahashi
Song Name: Tsugaru Jonkara Bushi
By: Chikuzan Takahashi ( 高橋竹山 )
Country: Japan
Song Local Name: Not available
Album: 1st Takahashi Chikuzan Spirts of Tsugaru-Jyamisen Takahashichikuzan Ryu Bansou Utatsuke Hiden Rensyukyoku
Link to buy: iTunes
Genre: folk music of Japan , traditional music of Japan , Tsugaru , Tsugaru-jamisen , Tsugaru-shamisen , shamisen , samisen , sangen
Date Added: 27 Dec 2016
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Tsugaru Jonkara Bushi by Chikuzan Takahashi is part of folk music tradition in/by Japan. Folk Music of Japan is traditionally brother to some other region(s) in the world. If you want to listen to song(s) in the same genre or with the same root with Tsugaru Jonkara Bushi (or folk music of Japan), other than checking Japan you can also check music of China and Korea. From the top menu, first choose the desired region and then find the link from the map or country list.

Takahashi Chikuzan (1910–1998) was a renowned Japanese Tsugaru-jamisen performer and composer. Tsugaru-jamisen or Tsugaru-shamisen refers to both the Japanese genre of shamisen music originating from Tsugaru Peninsula in present-day Aomori prefecture and the instrument it is performed with. It is performed throughout Japan, though associations with the Tsugaru remain strong. Tsugaru-jamisen is considered the most recognized genre of shamisen music, and has enjoyed multiple periods of popularity in Japan. The shamisen or samisen (literally "three strings"), also called sangen, is a three-stringed, Japanese musical instrument derived from the Chinese instrument sanxian. It is played with a plectrum called a bachi.

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