Hamad Khalīfa - Abdī Bek Yā Elāhī 2

Hamad Khalīfa
Song Name: Abdī Bek Yā Elāhī 2
By: Hamad Khalīfa ( استاد حمد خلیفه )
Country: Kuwait
Song Local Name: ابدی یک ادعوک
Album: Not available
Link to buy: Not available
Genre: traditional music of Kuwait , folk music of Kuwait , Kuwaiti folk music , sawt , yamani , oud , dumbuk
Date Added: 28 Jan 2017

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Abdī Bek Yā Elāhī 2 by Hamad Khalīfa is part of folk music tradition in/by Kuwait. Folk Music of Kuwait is traditionally brother to some other region(s) in the world. If you want to listen to song(s) in the same genre or with the same root with Abdī Bek Yā Elāhī 2 (or folk music of Kuwait), other than checking Kuwait you can also check music of Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain and Qatar. From the top menu, first choose the desired region and then find the link from the map or country list.

The Kuwaiti male singer and oud player Hamad Khalīfa (1934?- today) is a well-known interpreter of traditional Gulf music in Kuwait. Taha was the first Kuwaiti recording label and its owner is Taha Sabri. This record was manufactured by the National Gramophone Company based in Bombay. The piece belongs to the Kuwaiti musical genre yamānī. This piece is second part of the song.
From Qatar Digital Library

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