Mama Sana - Jacobon'ny nanosena

Mama Sana
Song Name: Jacobon'ny nanosena
By: Mama Sana
Country: Madagascar
Song Local Name: Not available
Album: Madagascar: Musique des Sakalava Menabe, Hommage à Mama Sana (Madagascar: Music of the Sakalava Menabe, a Tribute to Mama Sana)
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Genre: folk music of Madagascar , traditional music of Madagascar , Malagasy folk music , antandroy music , salegy , valiha
Date Added: 14 Mar 2017
Hohammad Hatef Anvari

Mama Sana (1900–1997) was a Tandroy singer and performer of traditional airs on the valiha tube zither, the national instrument of Madagascar. She was a charismatic performer and dressed in traditional clothing with coins braided into her hair.

Song: Jacobon'ny nanosena
Album: Madagascar: Music of the Sakalava Menabe, a Tribute to Mama Sana

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