Traditional / folk music of England

Each country may has different type of musics. From town to town, village by village this can be changed. Different music instrument or different style of music maybe used. Please help us to improve the FolkCloud and send us some songs from your country. You can upload songs by clicking on "Post a Song" on the top.

Traditional / folk songs for England

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Song:  Cherry Tree, Dutch Girl
By:  Pyba
British folk music, Traditional Cornish Music, pipes, djembe, tabour
Janie Meneely, Rob van Sante
Song:  Whitby Ale
By:  Janie Meneely, Rob van Sante
British folk music, Folk music of England, Folk, Roots

Song:  Jack Donahue
By:  Lunatraktors
British folk music, Transportation, 19th Century, Australia, Irish folk music, Protest
Song:  Jim Jones
By:  Lunatraktors
British music, Transportation, 19th Century, music of Australia, music of England, Protest

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