Lou Dalfin - The cheerful donkey

Lou Dalfin
Song Name: The cheerful donkey
By: Lou Dalfin ( Lou Dalfin )
Country: Italy
Song Local Name: L'aze d'alegre
Album: L'aze d'alegre
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Genre: Italian folk music , folk music of Italy , Occitan folk
Date Added: 24 Mar 2020

"L'aze d'alegre" is not clear what it means, but the "d '" is thought to be euphonic so the meaning would be "l'aze alegre" (the cheerful donkey).
The song was collected in Sambuco (Piedmont), but the song seems likely to come from Occitania.
We still remember the testaments of the donkey, as of other domestic animals, which date back to medieval times. They had a ritual meaning: the partition of the body, which continues to exist thanks to the donation of vital organs to those who can still use it.

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