La ciapa rusa - King Gilardin

La ciapa rusa
Song Name: King Gilardin
By: La ciapa rusa ( La ciapa rusa )
Country: Italy
Song Local Name: Re Gilardin
Album: Anthology
Link to buy: Not available
Genre: Italian folk music , folk music of Italy , ballad
Date Added: 27 Mar 2020
Enrico Da Via'

It is a traditional Piedmontese song (the text of which is presented here however shows a mixture of literary Italian). Who was King Gilardin? "King Gilardin cannot be traced back to a historical person. He is rather a mythical figure, who populates the rich tradition of European ballads. The history of the king, who returns home dying and whose death is hidden, appears in various ballads (p .es. Comte Arnau / Le Roi Renaud) and is possibly of Scandinavian or Breton origin.

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