Zimbaria - Puglia Pizzica de Focu

Song Name: Puglia Pizzica de Focu
By: Zimbaria
Country: Italy
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Genre: folk music of Italy , Italian folk music , tarantella , folk dance , traditional southern Italian music , folk music of Puglia , pizzica
Date Added: 29 Aug 2017

Pizzica, both a rhythm and a dance, belongs to Salento, in Puglia region (located in the most southern east part of Italy). The roots of Tarantella (Pizzica is a style of it) are supposed to be in the greek-roman period in connection with pagan rituals. The time signature of Pizzica is 6/8 and it's played with quick triplets with one strong accent on the first beat of the first triplet. The basic ensemble to play pizzica was Tamburello (Tambourine) Organetto (Diatonic Accordion) and Violino (Violin), but also guitar, mandolin and flute were played. One of the purposes of this kind of compositions was and still is (like other forms of tarantella) healing somebody "from the bite of the Tarantula" which is a spider, or from a general "sickness of the soul". The sick person dances hours till he fall down exhausted, the drum player's often bleeds because of beating on the drum.

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