Derwish Hemebor - Qazelê Nalî

Derwish Hemebor
Song Name: Qazelê Nalî
By: Derwish Hemebor
Country: Kurdish People
Song Local Name: Not available
Album: Kurdish Folk Music from Western Iran (1966)
Link to buy: Folkways Records
Genre: Iranian Kurds music , Kurdish folk music , western Iran music , religious music , ghazal , derwish
Date Added: 03 Nov 2016

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Qazelê Nalî by Derwish Hemebor is part of folk music tradition in/by Kurdish People. Folk Music of Kurdish People is traditionally brother to some other region(s) in the world. If you want to listen to song(s) in the same genre or with the same root with Qazelê Nalî (or folk music of Kurdish People), other than checking Kurdish People you can also check music of Iran, Turkey, Iraq ,Syria and Armenia. From the top menu, first choose the desired region and then find the link from the map or country list.

Recorded in Yekşawa, August 9, 1962.
Singer: Derwiş Hemebor, 33, of Yekşawa( Eastern Kurdistan / Mahabad ), accompanying himself on the frame drum, defe.
Derwiş Hemebor is a member of a dervish order which meets in a tekke, a religious house near Saqiz. Besides his religious activities he makes his living as a tenant to the landlord of Yekshawa, a village near Bukan in the possession of a branch of the famous Baba Miri Mukri family. The dervish accompanies both his epic and his religious songs with the defe.In those parts of the song in which he sings in a low voice he keeps the drum vertically in front of him, singing into it and using it simultaneously as a resonator, mirliton and percussion instrument. In purely instrumental interludes or in parts o f the song which are performed loudly the drum is held diagonally, away fr om the body. It is held with both thumbs, beaten vigorously with the fingers of both hands, and occasionally struck against the ball of the left thumb.The rattle of the attached chains is most prominent in the latter circumstances.

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