Liberi Tutti - Pizzica di San Vito

Liberi Tutti
Song Name: Pizzica di San Vito
By: Liberi Tutti
Country: Italy
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Genre: folk music of Italy , Italian folk music , tarantella , folk dance , traditional southern Italian music , folk music of Puglia , pizzica
Date Added: 31 Aug 2017

Pizzica is a popular Italian folk dance, originally from the Salento peninsula in Apulia (Puglia region located in the most southern east part of Italy) and later spreading throughout the rest of Apulia and the regions of Calabria and eastern Basilicata. It is part of the larger family of tarantella dances. The roots of this music is supposed to be in the Greek-Roman period in connection with pagan rituals. One of the purposes of these songs was healing a person "from the bite of the tarantula" or from a general "sickness of the soul".

The members of this group are: Gino Evangelista (mandolin), Tony Landolina (vocal), Davide Polizzotto (chitarra battente or strumming guitar) and Rosario Punzo (percussions)

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