Tarantella del Gargano - L'Arpeggiata

Tarantella del Gargano
Song Name: L'Arpeggiata
By: Tarantella del Gargano
Country: Italy
Song Local Name: Not available
Album: La Tarantella: Antidotum Tarantulae (2004)
Link to buy: iTunes
Genre: folk music of Italy , Italian folk music , tarantella , folk dance , traditional southern Italian music , folk music of Gargano
Date Added: 29 Aug 2017

Tarantella is a group of various folk dances characterized by a fast upbeat tempo, usually in 6/8 (sometimes 18/8 or 4/4), accompanied by tambourines. It is among the most recognized forms of traditional southern Italian music. The specific dance-name varies with every region. Tarantella is popular in Southern Italy and Argentina.

L'Arpeggiata is a traditional European early music group led by Christina Pluhar, and founded by her in 2000. This album which is a collection of various tarantella is featuring Lucilla Galeazzi and Marco Beasley, two Italian folk singers.

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